"Aikido decides life and death in a single strike, so students must carefully follow the instructor's teaching and not compete to see who is the strongest" O'Sensei

Ammenities and Facilities

  • Aikido classes teach you ancient Japanese self defense techniques, get you into great physical shape and calm your overworked mind.
  • The Dojo, a place to practice the Way, is a small sanctuary from the stress of daily life.
  • Students are encouraged to touch the chimes, greet the creatures and ring the gong.
  • The Dojo is uniquely designed for the practice of Aikido and Aiki weapons. The thirteen hundred sq ft flooring system provides firm footing, forgiving cushioning for the safe practice of Aikido. The high ceilings designed for the purpose of weapons training also enhance the sound of kotodama: (Spirtual Sounds Of Aiki). The dojo is a wonderful place to meditate.

We welcome beginning, intermediate, and advanced students to visit the school.

Come and experience Aikido!

To visit the school, please make an appointment by email or by phone.

Aikido Facilities Picture of Office Shobu Aikido of Houston